Down in the Pit

Hey Everyone.

We’ve been working hard down here in the Bahamas. Yesterday we were up bright and early to get cement poured in the future water reservoir at Camp Bahamas. This was an intense project, folks. The pit for the reservoir was 16 feet deep, and the pour job was done with a drum mixer. Team members hauled rocks, sand, water, and cement powder to the drum, and then the mixed cement was wheeled over to our handmade chute, where other team members scraped the cement down to the bottom. More team members waited in the bottom of the pit to spread the cement evenly along the bottom. It was a long day, but the team felt really good that we could contribute to the camp in such a “concrete” way.

Today, we worked on some odd jobs. We had crews working on digging trenches through the jungle, clearing brush, pulling weeds, and working on some landscaping. The temperatures are hot, hot, hot. Everyone’s feeling tired, but we feel blessed that no one has really been injured or suffered from sunstroke. The worst has been Nick’s huge blister on the ball of his foot (which also popped in the middle of an intense basketball game with some locals) but he’s tough, so don’t worry Mom, we put him back to work. Plus Jaclyn is a really good nurse:)

In the evening, we’ve had a great opportunity to check out a local festival. We’ve experienced Bahamian music, food and even got to see the crowning of ┬áMiss Back to the Bay, the winner of the local beauty pageant! Another experience we’ve enjoyed is conch salad, a favourite island dish. Matt took a little video of our friend, Donovan, making us some salads at his restaurant down the road from where we are staying. We’ll post it tomorrow morning:) Instead, check out some pictures from our work day: concrete work and a huge spider!

PS- our team has had very limited access to phone and internet, so please don’t worry if you don’t hear from us! we will try to get ahold of you if we get a chance, but mostly I will be giving you updates from this blog:)


4 Comments on ‘Down in the Pit’

  1. Thanks so much for the fantastic updates! Video and pictures are such a bonus! Praying that you will all be blessed and brought closer in your walk!

  2. Thanks for the update! Appreciate the photos – hard work but beautiful scenery!

  3. Glad to see everyone is safe and sound. Praying for you. Hope all is well. See you all next Sunday.

  4. Hi Everyone
    It is so amazing to read what you are all doing! The video and pictures are wondeful. Keep up your hard work! You are in our prayers always.

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