On Earth as it is in Heaven

Whenever I’m not doing well, feeling like I’m not good enough, or am encountering a spiritual battle, I have found that most consistently, worship changes the atmosphere in my life. I don’t mean going to church and singing a few songs on Sunday; I mean getting sequestered away and pouring out praise and adoration to the Lord on my piano or guitar, or simply a capella, which is usually reserved for behind the shower curtain. Sometimes, I simply get alone with the Bible and read it out loud. Worship changes everything when we give to God what is reserved exclusively for Him alone, when we speak His Word.

God is always here. There’s no formula to make Him be any closer. We have immediate access to the throne room of heaven when we pray and worship; when we do, we create a meeting with God. When we know who He is, when we choose to praise, when we choose to pour out our adoration, when we speak the word He has given us over various situations, things start happening in heaven, even though we are unable to see them immediately here on earth. Here is what happens, just like Jesus said: First in heaven, then on the earth. That order never changes. If you want a situation changed here on earth, change it in heaven first.

When we worship in spirit (being guided by the Holy Spirit) and in truth (laying ourselves bare before Him), our worship simply makes us more sensitive to His presence. It is easy, then, to go from praise into prayer for our concerns and for others, and from worship into intercession. There we can hear from God what is on His heart. At times, praise and worship uses music; sometimes, it simply uses the spoken word. God spoke, and all things created came into existence. Jesus spoke, and things happened. We are given the authority to speak God’s word. He gave us His Word in written form. With the precedents established, if we use it properly, it follows that things will change.

Have a wee squint at the bits in the Bible where Jesus was tempted; you will note that Jesus did not freak out in Satan’s presence, or cry out for help from heaven. He simply said, “It is written…”, because he knew the Word. Come to think of it, I suppose actually being the Word helped a fair bit, too. God’s Word establishes limits. In order to be effective, we need to know these limits as well as our authorities, and the Word. Jesus had ALL authority, because it was given to him, and Jesus then gave it to us. That leaves Satan with…umm…zero authority. Zero! The demons were, and are, subject to Jesus’ name. The greatest testimony is not that you have authority over demons, but rather, that you live under the authority of God, that you attract God by your worship, and live within the limits He has set. Like reading and doing the Word, tithing, giving generously, and serving others. God will build His kingdom through people who are diligent and close to His heart. I have found that if I do these things, I am able to change the spiritual atmosphere in the realm in which I am called to operate. We are not called to take on the whole world, so let’s start with the situations we are in every day, with our families, friends, community, and workplace. You may now go change the world through worship and prayer, changing the situation first in heaven.

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