Wait On Me

Natural disasters, persecution, homelessness,

Profound loss, sometimes senseless loss,

They rain down on us all for a season.

When we look to God to give us a reason.

He remains, oft silent, but always Present.


Death, divorce, cancer,

Quarrels, rifts, separation of friends,

Day after day, more of the same,

At our lowest, escape screams out our name,

But true freedom is rarely found in pathways of ease.


“Wait on Me”, says our Lover and Friend,

This temptation is passing, though more will come after,

I provide you strength in full measure,

For you are my child, forever my treasure,

Perspective sees the tapestry, and not the unkempt threads.


We hear, “beauty for ashes”—

While those around watch our journey of pain,

He gently picks up the pieces of shattered clay,

Through the cracks shines the Light of His Way,

Perfect brokenness was His body, taking the place of my soul.


—Sharon Tiede


A response to Acts 16:16-34

Best When Broken Teaching Series

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