Praying for Miracles

Intercessory Prayer. Laying On of Hands. Healing Ministry.


Whatever you want to call it, I love being part of it. I love praying together with my Jesus sisters (and brothers).


Prayers for emotional healing—Amen.

Prayers for relationships restored—Amen

Prayers of repentance—Amen

Prayers of blessing and peace—Amen

Prayers for physical healing—Am … well, actually, just wait a sec …


Something about praying for physical healing has often caused me to falter.


What if I pray for physical healing and it doesn’t happen? Did I not pray with enough boldness? Do I really believe what I am praying? What will happen to my faith if there is no medical miracle?


These questions can fill me with uncertainty; I hesitate; I doubt; and my prayers fall silent.


A few years ago, my dear friend was experiencing very serious pregnancy complications. As she shared with our home group the details of what was going on, all those questions started swirling in my head. But I knew that this time, I couldn’t allow those questions to silence my prayers.


So I prayed for faith. Because sometimes the best thing to do with our uncertainties and doubts is to confess them to Jesus.


Lord, if you are willing, you can heal her.


Together we prayed for the life of her unborn child. We cried out for a miracle. We laid our hands on my friend’s stomach and praised God for the daughter of Christ her baby would become.


Moved with compassion, Jesus reached out and touched her. I am willing, He said, be healed.


I don’t understand how God heals illness and disease. And I don’t understand why sometimes our fervent prayers don’t lead to a medical miracle.


But today, I rejoice. Because there is a sweet little girl in our church whose smile reminds me:


Jesus is willing.

He is full of compassion.

He wants to build my faith.


Jesus was willing and compassionate to me that night, stretching out his hand to offer me confidence and faith. Jesus was willing and compassionate to my friend that night, stretching out his hand to offer her healing and hope.


No matter the questions that swirl in our heads, we can pray in confidence because death has already been defeated and healing has come for all of us.


So I will keep praying for miracles.


—Ingrid Hoogenboom

Face to Face with Jesus Teaching Series

A response to Mark 1:40-44 (NLT)

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