New Clothes

In 2008, after purchasing new clothes for work I didn’t bother to buy new ones. The ones I had wore well, they washed well, and for the job I had they worked exceptionally. But even well-made clothes wear thin eventually.

Ten years on I was facing another Change; My Wedding! There is nothing that will make you look harder at yourself or your life than getting married. The sacredness of that covenant relationship is stunning. I Love how Jesus calls us his Bride and now that I am to be one I comprehend it so much more. But old clothes and weddings don’t mix.

Many of us buy a new outfit for a wedding even if it’s not our own wedding. Even guests know better than to show up in less than their best. After ten years of wear, it was time for new Clothes.

Sometimes we know what needs changing, but we are comfortable. In my purge, I called in a friend who could objectively see my clothes and confirm a truth I already knew: I had been wearing rags. So it is with community in the church, people who can walk with you, are close to you, and are, therefore, able to see your rags for what they are—and are kind enough to not only confirm your suspicions, but help you get new clothes.

Corinthians 3:12 talks about some of the new clothes we need in our closets:

“Therefore, as God’s chosen ones, holy and loved, clothe yourselves with

compassion, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience.” (NRSV)


First of all being a Bride means you have been chosen, flaws and all. Accepted by your Groom as you are, beautiful. God goes a step further. He doesn’t just see us as a flawed Bride, accepted as is. No; he not only accepts us, but clothes us in new clothes, new habits, and new ways of thinking. He sees us as Flawless: the Perfect Bride. Made so by the death of His son, Jesus.

Those new clothes are

compassion, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience.

Walking in relationship with the Heavenly Father means you are clothed in these things. Just like clothes, it will be self evident in your life. You won’t have to tell anyone you are patient or kind, it will come through in your words and actions. They will see your new clothes.


—Lisa Warkentin

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