I want my inheritance, now. I’ll wait for most of it later but right now is when I need it most.

(Your inheritance is already here. Close your eyes and breathe in the air I’ve given you.)


I’m worried everything I’ve sacrificed is in vain. Please, give me a little something to let me know it’s worth it.

(Nothing is in vain. Your pain matters to me. Your cries echo in my ears long after they’ve subsided. Is my presence not enough?)


I’m worried I’ll lose my inheritance, so please, come quickly and rescue me before I lose it all.

(Who told you it could be lost? Who said I will repossess what I’ve already given? I’m not a bank or a Money Mart. I will not garnish what already belongs to you.)


I hope heaven is better than anything I’ve imagined. I’ve stopped believing this world will ever change so I’d rather be up there than down here.

(Don’t lost hope. Have faith. I’m bringing heaven straight to your neighbourhood. Come find me. Hint: I’ll be in the places you’d least expect.)  


—Omar Reyes

Reflection on Colossians 3:24-25

Alive! series

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