An Interview with Ashantha Ranasinghe

As part of our “For Such a Time as This” series, we will be interviewing individuals from our Calvary community about how Jesus is working in their life and in the lives of those around them through this time of pandemic. Each week we will interview someone new, based on the reflection questions provided by our teaching team in the previous blogpost.


This week, we will be checking in with Ashantha Ranasinghe.  Ashantha is married to Kristen and they have two girls, Kaylen (4) and Nyah (2). They moved to Edmonton in 2018, and started attending Calvary about a year ago. Ashantha works in the Department of Economics at the University of Alberta, and when he’s not at work, he likes to play jiu-jitsu, ride his bicycle and cook (usually spicy food, but he admits this is a work in progress). Over the last year, Ashantha says his family has been welcomed into the Calvary community and have met so many people. Through this time of pandemic, he misses seeing the people at Calvary – the conversations, friendships and learning from those with diverse views and opinions. Thanks Ashantha, for sharing some of your reflections on what Jesus is doing in and around you lately!


What aspects of your life feel most shaky to you right now? How does the resurrection impact the way you view these things?

What I am feeling right now is impatient. I want to get back to the activities I like to do but these are shut-down (restaurants, parks, gym, working at the office, church, friends, and the mundane like grocery shopping). And it appears there will be long term impacts on how I do these activities even after things open up. At the same time, I feel incredibly grateful and lucky: family is well, I still have a job, I have yet to miss a meal and I live in a country that has a strong healthcare system and government presence. When I think of how lives will be affected, and in poorer countries especially, where healthcare and government may not be as effective, I think I have no right to be impatient. So, the ‘thinking’ side of me says it has been a month and I have no reason to complain, yet the ‘feeling’ side of me is impatient and wants to get on with life. 

If I am really honest, the resurrection has not really impacted me during this covid lock-down. Again, I have been fortunate that aside from staying home, my life has not changed all that much. I am also fortunate that I don’t personally know anyone that has become sick. That said, if I was personally affected, then my hope in Jesus provides great comfort, knowing that God can heal and there is a life to come.


What does it look like for you to ground yourself in “The Unshakeable Hope of the Living Jesus” in the coming week?

I know there is only so much I can control in life, so I try not to focus on things I have no control over. I believe God is in control of everything, even when I may not get the draw in life I want. I know God watches over us, and no matter what happens I am not alone in this world. All of this is easy to say, but I hope that I will walk in this knowledge should life become more complicated.

More broadly, I have been surprised by the kindness and generosity of people, going out of their way to care for strangers and risking their wellbeing. They are displaying the love of Jesus. It has made me question how I can show this same love beyond my household. 


Read the blogpost these questions were taken from here. Please feel free to encourage Ashantha or share your own reflections on these questions in the comments below!

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