KidzChurch – April 5

Hosanna! It’s Palm Sunday! Let’s begin our 9-day Family Easter Experience with the suggestions below!




PASSAGE: Mark 11:1-11


VIDEO: Click here to watch (watch the first half, until 1:50)



1) The people of Jerusalem shouted “hosanna!”, which means, “hooray! We are saved!” If Jesus walked into the room right now, what would YOU say?

2) If you were a king or queen coming into a city, how would you like to come into town?

3) A man named Zechariah knew that Jesus was going to ride into Jerusalem on a donkey way before Jesus was even born. (Read Zechariah 9:9) How do you think Zechariah knew this would happen?


PRAYER: Jesus, we invite you into our home. Please be the King of our hearts. Amen



Use your imaginations to create a beautiful/funky/unique palm leaf. You can see examples here on Pinterest, or invent your own. One simple option is to trace a leaf shape (or your child’s hand) onto a piece of paper. Cut it out and color it green.

*Don’t forget to check your email for the activities you can follow every day until Easter Monday!


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