An Interview with Halyna Forbes

As part of our “For Such a Time as This” series, we will be interviewing individuals from our Calvary community about how Jesus is working in their life and in the lives of those around them through this time of pandemic. Each week we will interview someone new, based on the reflection questions provided by our teaching team in the previous blogpost.

This week we are touching base with Halyna Forbes. Halyna is from Ukraine and met her husband, Colin at YWAM in Kiev, Ukraine.  After they were married in May 2000, they moved to Canada, where Halyna completed her accounting diploma and worked in the world of accounting before moving to England to work for Youth with a Mission in Harpenden for 12 years. They have two sons, Joshua and David, and have been closely connected with the Calvary community even while they were working overseas. Recently, they moved home and have transitioned back to life in Canada. Halyna was working part-time in accounting, but was laid off in December as business was slowing down. She is hoping to find work in the accounting world in the future.

In her free time, Halyna likes to bake and cook, walk her dog, and listen to music. She misses Sunday mornings at Calvary, especially seeing the kids in Kidzchurch. Thanks Halyna, for sharing a bit about what God has been speaking to you through this unusual pandemic time!

Where do you go to meet with God? Are you finding yourself distancing or drawing near to God?

I definitely find myself drawing near to God. My favourite time with God is early in the morning with a cup of coffee when it’s still quiet around my house.  Throughout the day, I stay connected with Him in my thoughts. I like to listen to music when I am cooking, sometimes I can listen to one song over and over again, as it ministers to me.

How has he strengthened you in your “meet with God” rendevous?

For me, I am encouraged through meeting with God to keep trusting Him, whether it’s a good time or time of uncertainty. Recently, I felt God say to me, “Fear not”, and it’s a timely reminder for me to keep giving all worries and anxieties to God, and to fear not, even in my daily thoughts. For me, worries can creep in about the future, of what to do next. It’s been hard with a job search before COVID, and so I’ve stopped searching over the last couple months with everything that has been going on. But even though I don’t know what the future holds, I keep trusting God in all of this and leaving it all in His hands.

Read the blogpost these questions were taken from here. Please feel free to encourage Halyna or share your own reflections on these questions in the comments below!

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