An Interview with Jorgia Skare

As part of our “For Such a Time as This” series, we will be interviewing individuals from our Calvary community about how Jesus is working in their life and in the lives of those around them through this time of pandemic. Each week we will interview someone new, based on the reflection questions provided by our teaching team in the previous blogpost.

We’re checking in with Jorgia Skare this week. Jorgia is currently finishing up her grade 12 year at Millwoods Christian School, and works at Dairy Queen. When she isn’t quarantined, Jorgia likes to play sports, mainly basketball and volleyball, and she loves acting, singing, and dancing in her school’s theatre productions. Jorgia attends Calvary with her parents, Tina and Michael, and her younger brother, Parker. As a self-proclaimed extrovert, Jorgia says she really misses being around a community of people, during these COVID days! Thanks Jorgia, for sharing some of your reflections on what Jesus is doing in your life during these pandemic times.


In what ways might you feel abandoned?

I haven’t recently had many feelings of abandonment, but if I was to reflect on this question a month ago I would have said that I felt completely alone and lost. Finding out that school was cancelled was a huge fist to my chest. I had been going to that school since preschool and I had spent my entire life growing up there. It was so hard to come to terms with the fact that I wouldn’t be able to finish off my last year the way I wanted to, and it was even worse that I couldn’t take part in my last musical theatre show, Cinderella. For a while, I sulked around the house in self pity thinking that no one – not a single soul on the planet – knew how I felt. I felt like God had given me these amazing opportunities only to rip them away and leave me alone. 

After getting annoyed at myself for feeling depressed, I had remembered the scripture verse that I had used for my testimony during my service trip to Puerto Escondido. This scripture brought me peace of mind. It is Joshua 1:9, and it says: Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go. After rereading it, I realized that everyone is going through so much heartbreak right now, and despite feeling abandoned and alone, we are not. Thinking that God wanted us to lose our grade 12 year, our last theatre productions, for some people their weddings and even loved ones, is a completely wrong and blind way to think. God is right there suffering with us, like the Footprints poem, he is carrying us through it.

When prayerful – who comes to mind as a person who feels abandoned and who is waiting for connection with you? Who is the Lord nudging you to connect with?

Honestly I can’t pin just one person who I think feels abandoned. I know that so many people are feeling alone, angry, and depressed. However, I feel like brides and grooms who have lost their wedding dates due to isolation, people who have lost loved ones due to this virus, people who can’t even attend their loved one’s funerals, need our prayers. Everyone needs our prayers.

During this time that I’m away from school, I feel like God is nudging me to renew relationships that have been damaged, to reach out to people I maybe have never talked to or to people in my life that  I have lost touch with.


Read the blogpost these questions were taken from here. Please feel free to encourage Jorgia or share your own reflections on these questions in the comments below!

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