Lectio Divina Reflections (5)

Hi all, my name is Katy Splane. I am  mom to Élodie, Luka and Jude, and my husband is Rich. I’m a teacher by trade but also do garden design. I love dancing, music, reading and summer! Here are my reflections on the passage of the week, Matthew 7:24-29.

In this passage Jesus is talking to a crowd of people. He uses the metaphor of house location as a picture of how peoples’ lives go, depending on how they choose to interact with what he says. He describes storms coming for both people in the story, but the builder of the house on the rock has a home that is still intact after the storms have passed, as opposed to the builder of the house on the sand, who is left with destruction. The passage then explains that the people who were listening to Jesus teach saw something completely different in the way that he communicated; he had some kind of power or depth of character that stood out from all of the religious teachers that they were used to.

My life, at present, is full of similar reflections, both in a physical and a spiritual sense. Rich and I were just looking at a property this past weekend, and I could feel my heart starting to set on it, as a project for our business. Part of the property is a plateau, with beautiful views. The other part is a natural basin, that is below the grade required to build on it. The basin has been filled with gravel crush and sand over the years, and we were discussing how you could put a building in that space if the ground itself is compromised. Ultimately, it seems we would have to send piles down through all of the crush until the moment of contact with the original elevation. When I read this passage, I was so struck by how Jesus uses real life stories, and connects with us in our day-to-day circumstances. As I start dreaming and visioning for this property, I keep remembering (or the Spirit keeps reminding me) that unless our choices are built on what Jesus is telling us, there’s a very good chance that we won’t weather the storms well. I’m struck by the fact that just because we love Jesus, doesn’t mean that we won’t face very real hardships, and moments that are unbearably difficult. But his words bring us back to the foundational truths: he loves us, he knows us, and we still have a role in His kingdom.

Jesus, what do you think? What are your thoughts about our dreams for our family? What do you think about our plans for our business? What words do you want to say to me that will be life-giving for me and my family? What words are you saying that will point me towards how my home and my family can be a safe harbour for those who are feeling shaken by life and disappointments? I want to have open ears, an open mind and an open heart to your voice in my life.

Jesus is reminding me today that he does speak. His voice is real, and he doesn’t want to try to hide from me, or trick me, or confuse me. I can have confidence that the words he says are full of goodness and truth and care. I have a deep sense today that Jesus cares about every aspect of our lives, every domain we engage in and he has something to say in all of it. I am anticipating the words he will have for me in the upcoming days and weeks, as our family considers some significant transitions.

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