Chapter 4: Emotions as the Language of Relationships

How do you feel about emotion? Maybe thinking about emotions makes you feel uncomfortable, because it means dealing with something difficult or painful. Maybe the picture you associate with emotions is something out-of-control, like endless sobbing or overwhelming sadness. Or maybe the word “emotion” makes you think about something beautiful, like the moment your child was born or the swell of a symphony.

We all have unique associations that we have with emotions, and most of them are brought about from our society’s views on emotion. In chapter 4 of “This Too Shall Last”, KJ Ramsey suggests that emotions might not be something to run from, but instead the spark that draws us closer to Jesus. Would we be able to change our perspective on emotion if we knew that Jesus was right there as we encountered it?

In exploring this topic further, I knew I wanted to chat more about it with Janelle Drisner from Wellwood Counselling. Janelle is one of Calvary’s recommended counsellors, and she even hosted a workshop about anxiety last year at Calvary. Listen to the podcast interview, and join the conversation in the comment section below this post.



Why do I resist pain when I know grace is near? 

“The psalms display God’s people attuned to their pain and willing to express it in striking vulnerability” (pg 185) Spend some time with Jesus and write a psalm as a Child of God attuned to your emotion and vulnerability with Him?




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