Day 6: Back to the Grind

Today we were back at it in full swing! We worked on our projects out at the site and then started our first day of vacation Bible school (VBS), an afternoon kids camp for the kids in the area. It was a small group of kids, but we had a great time hanging with them, playing hopscotch, jump rope, sidewalk chalk and frisbee.

Thought we’d show you a few photos … enjoy!

7 Comments on ‘Day 6: Back to the Grind’

  1. Looks like things are going great. Really enjoy seeing the pictures. Ken looks like quite the tailor with a utility knife! Lookin forward to hearing all about everything when you guys get home.

  2. Hey Matt, Erin and youth group,

    What a great idea to have a blog keeping us at home up-to-date of your adventure in the Bahamas. I have been praying for you asking God to protect you and use you for his doing. Miss you Matt and Erin.


  3. Hi All
    It is so amazing to read all you are accomplishing. The pictures are great but the videos are the best. I love seeing you and hearing your voices. Matthew, I was so glad to see and hear you speak at D and Ds. The conch salad looks delicious. Erin it looks like you are interacting and enjoying the children as a I am sure they are benefitting from you!
    The cabins look wonderful! What a positive influence all the team is!
    Our prayers are with you to be safe and to attain your goals!
    Theresa Walker

  4. Hi all, Espeically Dalainya. It was really good to see you on the video, even just a peak at you. I miss you, and check on this blog every day. We just got back from our trip, and all went well. We love you, and pray for all of you every day.

    Mom, Marianne

  5. Hi dalainya, glad to see you doing okay. The ocean looks inviting!! Take a dip when
    it gets too hot. But watch out for sharks! I’m praying for you everyday Love OMA

  6. Hi everyone, you are doing great work here and I am looking forward to more updates of your works and work with the kids bible camp. A speical HI to Heather and Leah, looking forward to your personal notes when you get back.

    Stay safe and have a good trip home.

  7. Hi was praying for you today. one thought that just kept coming to my mind was that your trip is not over once you leave the Bahamas. I know that there will be at least one more opprotunity to share God’s love to someone on the way home.

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