Sunday is a Fun-day!

Well as I had said in my last post, YWAM had planned a relaxing weekend for us and Sunday was no different. We had a very full day here in beautiful Vancouver. To kick things off, we had an authentic Calvary service outside in a park near to where we are staying. Perhaps we all should bug Greg to move Calvary summer services out to a park…thoughts? (Remember his email is in the church directory).

Also, I’m not sure if people are aware but Stephen Lieberman has been holding out on us all with his incredible singing and guitar playing abilities. Blake, don’t pass up this tip… and you’re welcome. For the teaching component of our service Greg actually had everyone pick a meaningful passage that they felt God had impressed upon their hearts to share and reflect on in the group.

Worship in the Park

God spoke some really potent and interesting stuff in that time and brought us closer as a team, I would say.

After this we ventured to Vancouver’s Granville Island where we were able to see the fresh market and shops in the area. After going there, I think we all were only more convinced that everyone should live in BC with all their lush produce and fantastic coffee. I think it’s more than safe to say everyone enjoyed their time at Granville… I know I caught Mike enjoying an over-sized pastry and Spencer might have had a little too many of those decadent but delicious Rodgers chocolates (if that’s possible), but I think treat ship had set sail and we were all on board.

The Boys of Granville

After Granville, YWAM had a BBQ planned for our team and theirs to connect at a beautiful lake and picnic area in the city. There we played fun games like croquet and frisbee, and then we ate amazing food. A big thank-you to all the YWAMers, especially Betty-Ann and Stu’s burger making skills. We had a great time just hanging out as a group, enjoying the warm afternoon and the beautiful surroundings.

Our team was invited over to the YWAM Nexia director’s home (Randy) for sundaes (the ice cream type, not weekly). There we were able to hear his amazing testimony that lead him from a life of drugs, living far from the plans God had for him, to eventually allowing God to change his life completely. Now Randy has been in nearly 30 countries, leading countless YWAM outreaches. Actually, he and Tanya Lyons are leading YWAM Nexia’s first DTS this fall and it sounds amazing, and there is still lots of room (hint).

I thought Randy made a really good point when he told our team that its not always easy being in a Christian environment or organization. Sometimes it feels manufactured or becomes tiresome, and it would be easier to just be a good person and do good things. He reminded us that it’s not just how well you know God in your head, but how much you experience Him that keeps your relationship vibrant.

I know I related with a lot of this and agreed that if God isn’t alive and active then He becomes less of someone relevant to our lives and just a figure we wear and a dead ideology.

I pray we let God speak.

We wrapped up our time there with our new favorite question game where we ask random questions to get to know our hosts. Maybe Calvary should patent this game. We could call it: “hot seat” or “grill zone”?

Vancouver is a late night city full of culture and life. Thus, to finish our night, the team visited and experienced the Chinese evening market. Vancouver most definitely has the most legit Chinese community in Canada, and the market was full of fun items and even funner food. From waffle bubbles to squid on a stick, there was no short supply of cultural delights.

China Town Treats

What a full and fun day! I know everyone is looking forward to the upcoming week and all that God has in store for us. I pray we are listening to your voice, Jesus.


2 Comments on ‘Sunday is a Fun-day!’

  1. Looking forward to more updates! What great experiences you are having!
    The next time someone suggests a nature walk I’ll leave the flip flops and fancy sandals at home. Glad you all survived and glad you had a sunny Sunday.

  2. It has been so fun to read your account of the trip Caroline! You are a very good writer, and too! It was awesome to get some of the details. I’m going to print all the entries out and keep them as a reminder for Spence. Please give him a hug from his Mama, and let him know how much we all miss him.
    We’ve been praying for you guys every day and we’ll continue to do that.
    Blessings to all of you!

    Nancy (Harold & Hayley) Peacock

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