The substance of things

hoped for.

The evidence of things

not seen.


Faith views the world

through Jesus coloured glasses.

Glasses that show


Where the wicked fade like the grass

and perish.

Where their day of reckoning comes.

Where their sword of death

enters their own hearts,

and they vanish like smoke.


Where the righteous

are upheld by God.

They stumble but do not fall.

Where they are given the desires of their heart.

They have abundance in times of famine.

Their children are never forsaken.

They are never abandoned


Where those who hunger and thirst for justice

are satisfied.

Where those who mourn

are comforted.

Where the poor

know safety, security, and wealth.

Where the generous

have more to give.


Where the God most powerful,

Dies for the powerless,

Where the God of life,

Dies for the dead,

To bring them life



Glasses not for seeing,

But for living.


Do not worry.

Do not be anxious.


Be still.


and do good.

Refrain from anger.




as you are loved.


Seek first,


not what is seen,

But what is unseen,

For what is seen

is only temporary

But what is unseen

is forever.


—Sam Drew

A Response to Psalm 37



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