Psalm 1

A Response to Psalm 1



Blessed is the child:

Birthed and nourished in love,

Rooted in unconditional acceptance,

Bathed in affirming words.


Blessed is the youth:

Confident in being themselves,

Supported, trusted and encouraged

Stretching and branching out.


Blessed is the man or woman:

Failing and experiencing forgiveness,

Losing themselves and giving themselves anew,

Reproducing life and love,

Like a healthy tree.


Withered is the child:

Unwanted, neglected

Told they’re not worth much.


Withered is the youth:

Having no role models,

Seeking acceptance from peers,

Lacking hope and a future.


Withered is the man or woman:

Trapped in their hurtful past,

Unable to grow or thrive,

Dying a slow, painful death,

Scattered by the wind.



—Gary Krueger

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