More Beautiful for being Broken

Kintsukuroi Lamp


More beautiful for being broken


Let me embrace this fragmentation;

let me join You in searching for the shards 

and watch, holding my breath,

as you fill the cracks with gold

that let its luminescence leak through

with the incandescence of your presence.


More beautiful for being broken,

like artists who pulverize plants for paint,

or mineral pigments crushed; 

they suffer to release their royal hues,

splendid and liquid and chrysalid,

the place where beauty and tragedy meet.


More wonderful for being wounded?

This space where the light gets trapped

and refracted within the pigments;

The grace arena where it all happens: 

Light snared and shaped in the gap 

between the layers of paints and strokes. 


More beautiful for being broken

I do this to remember You,

and You do this remember me?

You, the prism of fractured light

of hidden colours until the moment

Radiance travels through the Triune.


Only in You can we be more beautiful for being broken


—Rusty Foerger

More EnigmaThan Dogma

Curriculum of the Spiritual Life


A response to Acts 9:1-18

Best When Broken Teaching Series

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