I Will Follow the Star

Dusk is falling.

The world around me grows dark.


Sometimes I’m afraid of the dark.

Accidents, crime, death.

Darkness is fear.


Sometimes it feels like the darkness is as much inside me as it is outside me.

Despair, loss, doubt.

Darkness is fear.


I imagine that the Magi travelled in the dark.

How did they see the road ahead?

What sounds did they hear in the shadows?

Were they ever afraid as they journeyed night after night?


But when they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceedingly great joy.


With exceedingly great joy.


In the darkness, they rejoiced.

In the darkness, promises were fulfilled.

In the darkness, they found peace.


Dusk is falling.

The world around me grows dark.


I am preparing my heart to watch for the star.


The star announces my King coming into this world.

The star announces my freedom.

The star announces my Messiah breaking through the darkness.


Breaking through my darkness.

Through accidents, crime, death.

Through despair, loss, doubt.

Breaking through all fear.


I will follow the star.

And it will lead me to a baby in a manger and I will fall to my knees to adore him with exceedingly great joy.


—Ingrid Hoogenboom


Advent Series

Week #3

The Coming of Joy for the Fearful…and Peace for the Troubled

A response to Matthew 2:10 and Luke 1:78-79


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