A Whisper in the Chaos

Can you hear it?

Amidst the raging storms,

the chaos of every voice screaming to be heard;


A whisper for the soul.



Can you feel it?

In the tossing and turning,

the earth shaking bombardment that takes every last breath;


A strength is rising.



Can you taste it?

After all the numbing,

consuming and ambling in the onslaught of excess;


The relief of contentment.



Can you smell it?

Through the scorched earth,

the rotten foundations and the flood of wreckage;


A fresh breeze of renewal.



Can you see it?

Greater than the looming shadows,

dark depths of oceans and power of tempests;





—Enoch Rottier

The Calm in the Storm (reflections on the psalms)

Psalm 69

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