Kidzchurch – June 28

This week we are celebrating the end of another great Kidzchurch year! We have created a city-wide Scavenger Hunt that you can do together as a family any day between today (Saturday, June 27) and Friday (July 3). It has been set up through an automated texting service so you can begin by texting the phrase “LETSGO” to the phone number you will receive in your email from the CM Team today. Once you receive your automated response, it will send you to a location with a question you must answer. There are 6 locations and the whole thing should take you about an hour & a half-although you might want to stop and explore at some of the locations! 

At the last stop, you will be asked to take a photo and text it to Erin in order to enter your family into a draw for a PIZZA PARTY!! Also, at the end of the scavenger hunt, each kid in your family will receive a special treat.

Watch the video above with your kids before you begin and then check your email for the rest of the details. We hope you have so much fun!! 

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